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Sunday 6on6 cup written by myyphe, 2009-11-28 16:43 CET (0 comments)

November, 29th 2009: 6on6 cup by KUDOKILLERS ET-Clan at 18:00 o'clock GMT +1 (= CET = Central European Time)

IRC :: #kudo6on6.cup @QuakeNet (IRC channel CHANGED!!!)


-Only Global 6on6 config WITH PB!

-Players mentioned in the Bans list (1 to 6) by killerboy are not allowed to play.

-People banned from CB/ESL/CrossFire for cheating reasons are not allowed to play.

-Your GUID can be even 1 minute old - nobody gives a shit about that rule, so WHATEVER.

-If a Team plays with a banned Player, the team will be out of all KUDOKILLERS' cups

-Cointoss' winner at the start of the match will pick the side he wants (att or def)

-Side is allowed for every maps for both sides.

-In case of trouble, admin has every rights

-EVERYONE must record demos.

-After the match, each team can ask the oponent team for demos, if they want to which have to be sent!

-If the team asked for demos doesn't have them, it will be Kicked out of the cup.

-Please, don't upload demos on rapidshare.com ;D

-sendspace.com is way beter :x

-At least one member of each competing team has to be on #kudo6on6.cup channel at QuakeNet 15 mins before the check-ins phase (17:45 GMT +1)

-After the match, the team who won must write the pm to myyphe with scores AND the screenshot from the end of 2nd round. If it won't do so, the scores won't be placed on the brackets.

-Double/Trick plants are ALLOWED!


18:00 o'clock -Supply
18:30 o'clock -Braundorf_b4
19:00 o'clock -Bremen /if 16 teams
20:00 o'clock -Sp_Delivery /if 32 teams

FINAL - the 2 teams have to play on a server that's ip and password are given by an admin: with ETTV stream (Don't wonder if no ETTV wants to stream), GV-Stream, etc.

Each Team can choose one map, the team which won cointoss can choose first map, opponent chooses the team (def or att)
In case of 2-2 => cointoss, one more map until one team won.

In case



Admins: myyphe, aYhity

PM myyphe for scores.

For abusing, breaking rules etc, pm myyphe or aYhity.

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